Please take the time to learn what steps we have taken for your safety.

What facilities are open for use?

  • The following facilities are available for use:
  • Cardio Room – Open
  • Weight Room – Open
  • Squash Courts – Open
  • Pool – Mid – September
  • Virtual Fitness – Open
  • Group Fitness Classes – Pending
  • Aqua Fit Classes – Pending
  • Multi purpose room – Pending

How do I book gym time?

You can book a gym time through our UAC App.  The number of available spots is based on government COVID rules regarding capacity. If you cannot use the app, you may book at

  • Members will be permitted to book based on the booking time slots we have created.
  • Members can can book one 1-hour time slot per day.
  • No Shows. The system will remove your booking privileges if you fail to show up for your reserved time slot.
  • Please cancel reservations one hour in advance to avoid no-show booking suspensions.
  • All members must leave the club at the end of their time slot. This will give our staff time to clean and prepare the club for the next group of members.

What is the check in procedure?

  • Members will be required to line up in the designated waiting area as per the floor markings at the club.
  • Your temperature will be recorded when you arrive at the club
  • A staff member will scan your key tag or the bar code on your UAC app to register your arrival

Is squash available?

The squash Courts are open!

Players must report to the third-floor check-in desk to register and receive a touchless temperature check. 

Courts must be advance booked. No drop-in squash is available. 

  • Players must arrive at the courts five minutes prior to court booking
  • The court booking portal will be activated on August 10.
  • Masks must be worn outside the courts
  • Players cannot linger at courts before or after court time and must leave the court area immediately after play
  • Once court time is completed, players are to leave the court area. 
  • Keep social distancing protocols at the courts and when leaving or arriving. Make space for people 
  • Water fountains will be deactivated so please bring your own water from home
  • Towel service will not be available
  • Please do not leave clothing, bags, and personal items outside the courts. Keep personal belongings in your bag inside the court near the tin

Playing Squash:

Please spray door handle with disinfectant provided by club.

Play is limited to the following:

  • Matchplay between people from the same household
  • Conditioned games where people are a minimum of six feet apart
  • Solo training
  • Phase 2 will move to members creating social playing “bubbles” with a small group of players you enjoy hitting with. We suggest thinking about and starting to form these groups now.  

Is the pool available?

The pool will reopen on September 15, 2020

What do I need to bring?

Please ensure you bring the following items to the club.

  • Full water bottle and towel. Towel service and water stations will not be available when we reopen.
  • Your Unionville Athletic Club key tag. You can also use the UAC app on your mobile phone to check into the club
  • Face mask – All members and staff are required to wear face mask at the club.
  • Although hand sanitizer will be provided onsite, we recommend that you bring your own to minimize contact.

What are the club hours?

Our temporary COVID hours will be subject to change, but are as follows

  • Weekdays: 7:30am to 8:30pm
  • Weekends: 7:30am to 5:30pm

What cleaning measures are being taken?

The club will be shut down hourly for a deep cleaning. We will also be using an electrostatic “fogger” to clean all equipment. The club will be deep cleaned in the evening by commercial cleaners. 

Who can I speak to about my membership account?

As always, you can contact our admin department at

Our administrative office has been extremely busy with higher than normal membership requests.

In order to resolve membership questions in a timely fashion, we’ve set up a dedicated online billing resolution portal. All membership request must be submitted using our new members members portal.

Membership requests submitted manually or by email can take up to 21 days to be processed. Requests submitted though the portal will be prioritized and processed accordingly.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have.